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"Meditation is like brushing your teeth: we do it every day. With meditation, you wash your mind every day so that it is clearer, accentuating your light."

- Romain Salomon - 

I am Coach in Conscious Life and Law of Attraction, Energeticist in Shamanic traditions. The basis of my work is to enable each person to become an autonomous person on the level of alignment of the physical, etheric, mental, causal, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. To do this, I use the methodology of holistic therapies to heal the past.

The foundations of my teaching are the mastery and understanding of the circulation of energy within us as well as outside of us in our daily life: through the law of attraction. My method is based on cellular intelligence. Through the connection of our unconscious (body) in the conscious (mind-mind), it helps us to discover and be who we truly are in perfect alignment Soul, Body and Spirit.

The Art of Living of the Unified Being is an integrative art of living. Its goal is to reach an energetic alignment in order to get out of our fears, out of our comfort zone to create true change: to go always further, higher in the realization of our reality thanks to the perfect mastery of the law of attraction. In order to accompany more people, theou can make an appointment in person at my office (Paris 75013) or online.

What they say about the process in holistic theater...

ROMAIN SALOMON | Holistic Therapist Paris IconROMAIN SALOMON | Holistic Therapist Paris

2 Rue Pinel, Paris

5,0 13 reviews

  • Avatar Sarah KAZAROFF ★★★★★ a month ago
    Beautiful meeting, beautiful person, beautiful sharing. Romain and his sessions allowed me to put many pieces of the puzzle back in the right order. So if you want to put your life back in order and have more serenity in your life, ... More don't hesitate to consult him.
  • Avatar Aminata Dembele ★★★★★ less than a week ago
    My experience with Romain has been very enriching and fun. I absolutely recommend him, especially at this rather complicated time!
  • Avatar Tess Mercier ★★★★★ a month ago
    A unique experienceThe discovery of many subjects and care...A re-connection with my inner selfThanks to you Roman for your kindness and allowing us to evolve and get better! If you need to understand each other, ... More to reconnect with your soul... Go on! You're going to learn a lot about yourself
  • Avatar Stéphanie Poulier ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    My meeting with Romain Salomon is one of those encounters that count. I was a novice on the path of spirituality, full of questions. He took me to the higher stage, that of reconnecting with myself, ... More to the soul, to my roots. During 6 sessions, going through the family constellation, rebirth and the learning of different meditation and relaxation techniques, I was able to work on my emotional dependence, to become aware of repetitive life patterns linked to deeply rooted transgenerational blockages. It was an experience rich in teachings and revelations. It has led me and continues to lead me on the path of healing, forgiveness, peace, healing love. I wish everyone to experience this one day. Thank you Roman
  • Avatar Zancia Naomi ★★★★★ less than a week ago
    An extraordinary experience and encounter. Romain is a person full of resources and experience. Each session is unique and adapted. His meditations have allowed me to connect with my inner self and understand how to ... More how sleepy I was. The constellations will tell you things we don't know. I advise Roman if you're on your personal path or if you're lost. I thank you for all your advice and guidance...
  • Avatar Justine Henry ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    My sessions with Romain have been very helpful. They allowed me to reconnect with myself with more grandeur, more understanding, more peace, in the space of the heart and soul. ... More I was able to understand and become aware of some of my blockages and learn to let go, and I practice the meditation taught daily in the sessions. It brings me well-being and makes my principle of abundance grow. A very beautiful spiritual teaching where you simply learn about yourself, your greatness, your beauty and your heart.
  • Avatar Florence Torrecilla ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Through its availability, its presence and its professionalism, Romain offers a personalised accompaniment which allows you to evolve in a perennial way in your life. The sessions have been sources of revelation and creation. ... More Its benevolence, without complacency, allows an in-depth work that leads to reconnect with either .... thank you very much
  • Avatar Isabelle Lhermite ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Following a session on the Zen lounge I took a 5-week package with Romain Salomon. He advised me to do a family constellation to unblock my situation. After these 2 constellation sessions, I did the following ... More -I was able to find all the information about my biological father -deceased- and visit his grave on his birthday -without knowing it- This search had been a quest for me for many years, so much so that for me it was a closed case... Thanks to Romain I was finally able to find my origin...Thank you Romain and bravo for the family constellation.
  • Avatar Bruno Candela ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Very great moment during the 12 hours of sessions that allowed me to feel free in my soul and spirit. Since then I have a lot of light and energy in me. I advise it for people who are not feeling well in their skin or others. ... More symptoms.

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